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Information for The Uncorked Cellar wine database

  • Please update your details then press the "Finished - Send information to Uncork" button at the very bottom of the form.
  • Other than the required (bold) fields, you can leave any field empty unless updated information is available
  • When you are entering your wines, please do not include the name of your winery or varietal in the label field.
  • If you need to remove a wine from our database because it is incorrect, tick "Remove this wine" or enter DELETE as the only word in the "Brief notes" field for that wine. We try to keep historic wines for at least 5 years, so please do not delete a wine just because you do not currently produce it
  • List only the most recent vintage of any given wine. To add a new vintage, enter the new vintage (and Best Year to Drink)
  • Press the "Add a New Wine" button to add additional wines (NOTE: only enter the latest vintage of each wine).
  • Please do not change the name (varietal or label) of an existing wine in order to add a new wine. Press "Add a New Wine" instead.
  • If your wines have GS1, UPC or EAN barcodes, please provide the barcode number for each wine.

Section 1: Winery Information

* You can leave any field empty other than the required (bold) fields

Winery Name  *
Address  *
City, State, Zip
Country  *
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Wine Region or Appellation
Year Established
Brief Winery Description


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Section 2: Wine Information Update

Do not enter your winery name, vintage or varietal in the label field.
Grape Varietal(s)
Wine Type
Current Vintage
Best Year to Drink
Cellar Door or Retail Price
Vintage Rating
Barcode or UPC Number

Brief Description

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