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Wine Cellar Management Software

The Uncorked Cellar ® is the most comprehensive wine cellar management software and wine information source of its type available. Instantly access information on a wide range of wines, including wine aging information and wine notes provided by the wine maker. Manage the contents of your home wine collection. Easily add or select wines from your home cellar with just a few keystrokes, and view the location of your wines in the virtual rack display. Compare your tasting experiences with winemaker's notes and record wine reviews. The Uncorked Cellar will easily capture, maintain and display your wine inventory complete with all wine-related information. At a glance, you can see which wines require additional aging or are ready to drink now.

Easy Wine Information Entry and Display

(Click image for larger view)
  • Using the built in wine guide, type the first few letters and the display automatically shows matching wines.
    • Click on the wine of interest to instantly display details of that wine, including the estimated peak year, drinking window and notes from the winemaker where these are available.
    • Click on the down-arrow beside the vintage field to reveal past wine vintages of that wine, each with the best year to cellar that specific vintage of this specific wine.
  • Each wine record contains 39 fields, including 10 user definable fields, and 2 user definable notes fields.
  • Information in the wine guide include winery name and address, wine peak estimates, price guide and notes about each wine provided by the winemaker or winery.
  • Select where fields are displayed on the screen, and in reports.
  • Search your favourite wine website for additional information about any wine with the internet wine search tool.
  • Save your cellar inventory either locally on your PC, or on the internet. Save your wine inventory to a web cellar and read your cellar contents wherever you can access the internet.
Select a wine vintage
Custom wine information fields

Visual Wine Rack

  • Automatically place your wines in a defined rack as you add each bottle to your wine cellar
  • Manually move your wine bottles by drag-and-drop either within the rack, or from one rack to another
  • Customize the size and shape of your rack for match your home wine rack
  • Caters for either single row wine racks or dual row wine racks

As you add each bottle of wine to your cellar, the software optionally adds a tag number to each bottle, adds the wine to a wine rack of your choosing, then displays that wine rack so you can move the bottle to any specific location by clicking and dragging the bottle to any desired rack position in your wine rack. Other bottles in that wine rack are shown as smaller bottles, and color coded according to wine type to allow easy identification. As you move the mouse over each bottle a brief description of that wine is displayed.

Each wine rack can be individually configured for either single or dual rows, and you can display the column and row numbers either as numbers, or with alphabetic designations. You can also configure the winerack for customs shapes and sizes by making any location "unavailable".

Locate wines in your wine rack
Move wines from one wine rack to another wine rack

Wine UPC codes

  • Use the barcode wizard to scan wine barcodes.
    • Where wines have barcodes already on the wine label, use the barcode reader to add each wine by entering the vintage and scanning the barcode on the wine label
      Note: While we provide the barcode capability, our list of barcodes in the supplied database is still less than we would like - just over 10,000 as of January 2007. This is increasing as winemakers update their listings and as users add barcodes from their home wine collections to the Uncork wine database. If you encounter an unrecognized barcode you should add your wine manually, making sure that you scan its barcode at the same time. When you uncork this wine (or add another bottle of the same wine), the program will then recognize it. The major limitation of barcodes on wine bottles is that the barcode on the bottle does not normally define the vintage. This means you always have to enter the wine vintage and the barcode on the bottle cannot be used on its own for wine inventory control.
    • The best solution is to either print your own printable tag or label or use the numbered wine tags we provide. This ensures accurate inventory control with a unique tag number for every bottle of wine in your wine collection.

Importing from your existing wine inventory solution

  • Importing wines from a spreadsheet.
    • If you already have a list of your wines in a spreadsheet, you can import these wines into The Uncorked Cellar.
    • The main criteria is to ensure that you list your wines so that each row of your spreadsheet represents any number of bottles of the specific wine.
    • The format of the spreadsheet can be determined by exporting the sample cellar to a CSV file and examining the 1st two rows to see the column names required. As a general rule, you can ignore any columns that you do not already have in your spreadsheet.
    • Copy the heading row from the sample cellar CSV file to your spreadsheet, then save it as a CSV file before importing these wines from your spreadsheet into The Uncorked Cellar.
    • If you have difficulty importing your existing wines from a spreadsheet, our support staff are usually available to help.
  • Importing wines from another wine inventory program.
    • You can import your wines from many applications into The Uncorked Cellar.
    • Depending on the application, export your wine inventory to a spreadsheet first, or check the trial program under "Cellar, Import" to see if your existing wine program is already supported.
    • If you have difficulty importing your existing wines, our support staff are usually available to help.
Wine bar code information
Barcode Scanner
Wine Tags

Wine Cellar Graphs

Graphs include...
  • Number of bottles, wines, or value of cellar contents for each vintage
  • Number of bottles, wines, or value of cellar contents for each peak year - shows what future year you need to purchase additional wines for
  • Wines, bottles or value of your cellar
  • Timeline of wines in your cellar
  • Wines added or consumed over the past year
  • Maturity curve per wine
Graph cellar contents by peak
Graph wine bottles
Wine timeline graph

Wine Reports

  • Report Styles include...
    • Cellar contents as a list
    • Wine Menu
    • Rack Contents
    • Wines added or consumed
    • Printable Tags - including barcodes
  • Create your own custom reports using any of the above as examples
    • Insert or add new columns of any field
    • Selectable font sizes
    • Select which records to print via a multi field filter
    • Sort by up to four fields
    • Optionally shade alternate lines
    • Optionally color code lines based on wine type
Wine menu report
Wine Report Wizard

Sorting your Wine Collection

  • Sort by any field by clicking on the heading
  • Sort by up to four fields
  • Sort any cellar inventory report
  • Sort on demand, or automatically as you add each wine
Sorting wines

Other features

  • Protect access to your cellar with an access password
  • Protect your cellar against unauthorized changes with a read-only password, while allowing others to read it
  • Advanced rules allow you to copy or move wine records to other cellars when you add, uncork or delete a wine.
  • Automated multi-level backup of your cellar
  • Foreign currency conversion for wine values in the international wine guide
Secure wine cellar

Need Help?

  • The Sample Cellar allows you to quickly try anything without affecting your cellar.
  • Extensive help includes getting started, and "How do I..."
  • Email support always available
Wine help

The Uncorked Cellar keeps you in control of your wine cellar

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