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The Uncorked Cellar ® Web App for Mobile Devices

View wines in your cellar via an iPhone or mobile device

Save your cellar as a web cellar and manage your wine cellar with your iPhone, iPad or Android tablet.

Log in at www.iUncork.com

  • Use your registration key as a password to create your web cellar account
  • Customized for Smartphones and Tablets

Main menu

Manage your cellar via an iPhone or mobile device

View Wines in your cellar

View wines in your cellar via an iPhone, iPad or mobile device

Click on a wine to view or change its details

Wine information via your smartphone

Scroll down to view the rack locations where you have placed each bottle of this wine, then click on a rack name to show that rack

Locate wines in a virtual rack

Click an empty location in your virtual rack to add a bottle

Add wines to a virtual rack

Or click a selected wine bottle to uncork it

Add wines to a virtual rack

To move a bottle, click a selected (large) wine bottle then click an empty location

Create multiple cellars

Create multiple wine cellars

... and multiple wine racks in each cellar

Create multiple wine racks

Sort wines in your cellar

Sorting wines

Automatically tag wines in your cellar to uniquely identify each bottle of wine

wine identification
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