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Screenshots of The Uncorked Cellar ® Wine Cellar Inventory Software

Wine Software The Uncorked Cellar ® is the most comprehensive wine cellar management software and wine information source of its type available. Instantly access information on a wide range of wines, including wine aging information and wine notes provided by the wine maker. Manage the contents of your home wine collection. Easily add or select wines from your home cellar with just a few keystrokes, and view the location of your wines in the virtual rack display. Compare your tasting experiences with winemaker's notes and record wine reviews. The Uncorked Cellar will easily capture, maintain and display your wine inventory complete with all wine-related information. At a glance, you can see which wines require additional aging or are ready to drink now.

Download your free wine cellar management trial

Type a few letters to show matching wines in the supplied wine guide

Wine guide

Click on the matching wine, then select from multiple wine vintages in the wine guide

Wine vintages

Adding wine to your cellar

Add a wine to your wine collection

Updates for the wine guide are provided every six months

Up-to-date wineguide

Value your wine collection as your wines mature

wine collection value

Automatically backup your wine cellar

wine cellar backup

Wine Barcodes simplify adding or uncorking wines from your cellar

wine barcode

Options for your wine cellar

Custom wine cellar

The virtual wine rack allows you to place your wines automatically, or drag-n-drop each bottle to arrange your wines

Custom wine rack

Dual wine rack view to move wines from one winerack to another

Dual row wine rack

Each wine record contains ten custom userfields, and two free format notes fields

wine notes

Sort your wine cellar either on demand, or as you add each wine

Sort wine collection

Automaticaly create a unique tag number for every bottle of wine to your cellar

wine tag numbers

Print your own wine inventory tags

Wine inventory tag

Create many reports of wines in your cellar, including a wine menu containing selected wines from your cellar

Wine menu list

Report Wizard allows you to select which report style, and which wines to print

Wine report

Graph bottles in your wine cellar as your wine collection grows

Track wine inventory

Show the wine maturity of wines in your wine cellar

Wine maturity

Graph bottles in your wine cellar by their vintage

Wine vintage

...or by their peak drinking year

Wine peak year

View the maturity timeline your wine collection

Wine timeline

Security settings protect your wine cellar against unauthorized access or change

Wine cellar security

Search your favorite wine website to supplement wine information supplied about each wine

Wine information

Help contains "Getting started", and "How do I...." sections

Wine inventory software help

Mobile Wine Cellar

Customized for iPhone, iPad or Android devices

Log in at www.iUncork.com

Main menu

Manage your cellar via an iPhone or mobile device

View Wines in your cellar

View wines in your cellar via an iPhone or mobile device

Click on a wine to view or change its details

Wine information via your smartphone


Scroll down and click on the rack name of the specific bottle of wine to select the specific rack

Locate wines in a virtual rack

Click an empty location in your virtual rack to add a bottle

Add wines to a virtual rack

Or click a selected wine bottle to uncork it

Add wines to a virtual rack

To move a bottle, click a selected (large) wine bottle then click an empty location

Create multiple cellars

Create multiple wine cellars

... and multiple wine racks in each cellar

Create multiple wine racks

Sort wines in your cellar

Sorting wines

Automatically tag wines in your cellar to uniquely identify each bottle of wine

wine identification
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