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User Comments and Testimonials
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Wine Cellar Photographs

Photographs of wine cellars managed by The Uncorked Cellar ® wine inventory software. (Click on each wine cellar photo for a larger view)

If you would like to add a photo of your cellar, please email a 640x480 photograph of your cellar to support@uncork.biz

Gene's Wine Cellar Gene's Wine Cellar
Gene's Wine Cellar Gene's Wine Cellar
Gene's Wine Cellar

Gene Fox (Alberta, Canada)

I did all the work myself. Cooling unit discharges into closet, so added a duct blower to move air to stairwell.

Now I need to take time to rebuild locations in (The Uncorked Cellar) software.

Brad's Wine Cellar Brad's Wine Cellar
Brad's Wine Cellar Brad's Wine Cellar

Brad Dickson (Park City, Utah , USA)

Still love this cellar management program after 10 years!!

I move bottles around the racks and from wooden boxes for aesthetics and convenience of my wine room.

Louis Cullman's Wine Cellar
Louis Cullman's Wine Cellar

Louis Cullman (Long Beach California USA)

Your product is excellent and your responsiveness is greatly appreciated.

I have thousands of wines and spent six days at 55 degrees F in my cellar entering them all in The Uncorked Cellar wine software..

Marks Wine Cellar

Mark Hallgren (Lubbock Texas USA)

Terry and Jim's Wine Cellar Terry and Jim's Wine Cellar
Terry and Jim's Wine Cellar Terry and Jim's Wine Cellar

Theresa and James Middlebrook (California USA)

The cellar is 2/3 underground, with 24 inch insulated walls, which we need here in California. It's really cold down there. 55 to 58 degrees.

We made the table from a wine barrel with a frame holding glass, under that wine corks from great wines we have had.

Chris's Wine Cellar

Chris's Wine Cellar

Chris Miley (Cammeray NSW Australia)

Chris is passionate about wine, and has been enjoying and collecting it for over 40 years. During that time he has built several home wine cellars and runs a blog to share his thoughts on wine he has been drinking.

You can view Chris's wine blog at www.chrisonwine.com

Al Harris's Wine Cellar

Al Harris's Wine Cellar

Al Harris

I have wines from all over the world and usually let them cellar for at least 6 to 10 years.

Tom's Wine Cellar Tom's Wine Cellar
Tom's Wine Cellar Tom's Wine Cellar

Tom Hoerner (Brighton MI USA)

This wine cellar holds about 350 bottles--78 of them chilled. This DIY project took about three months to complete.

Amazing what you can do with stucco and fake brick!

Chad's Wine Cellar

Chad Shaffer (Kansas USA)




Mark's Wine Cellar

Mark Fabbi (Ontario, Canada)

" I thought I'd contact you about Uncorked. I've been using your app a lot more recently. I've finally managed to finish a more permanent cellar for my 600+ bottles. I really appreciated the fact I could enter nearly my entire cellar and bring it up to date without touching the keyboard. I run your app on a dedicated Acer Netbook with 16gig of solid state storage - no moving parts and no heat. I also connected an external 17" LCD monitor to get more screen real estate In the rest of my house I access the application from my Macs using the built in remote desktop app in OS X while running VNC server on the netbook. There's more than enough performance on the netbook to handle this set-up.You can also access this via an iPhone and I'm sure an iPad (haven't got one yet). The set up might appeal to those that have asked for Mac support. VNC really is a nice way to access a dedicated cellar PC remotely and for mainly Mac households it's an inexpensive entry point. As I mentioned a dedicated netbook - especially one that's really stripped down like mine is has more than enough power. Knowing it was going to have a dedicated task, I pulled out as many services, DLLs, ... as possible to keep the windows overhead low. All I have on the device is Uncorked, Firefox, UltraVNC, a free anti-virus (the only thing that slows up the netbook) and iTunes (in case I need some music in the cellar). " Mark Fabbi (Ontario, Canada)



Wine Cellar Organization - before and after

Mona Hart (Nashville, USA)

Before and After slideshow with shots showing the befefit of cataloging our cellar using The Uncorked Cellar program and Printable Tags

Wine Cellar Improvement

Bob Marple Jr. (Washington, USA)

A brief time lapse video of a wine cellar improvement including rack kit construction, reorganization, indexing, and use of The Uncorked Cellar software - it is working out well.

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