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Wine Cellar Software

Wine Software The Uncorked Cellar ® is the most comprehensive home wine database software of its type available. Instantly access information on a wide range of wines, including wine aging information and wine notes provided by the wine maker. If you are a wine collector, easily manage and track your home wine collection. Its fun and easy to add or select wines from your cellar with just a few keystrokes, and view the location of your wines in the virtual rack display. Save your cellar on your local PC, or keep your inventory in a Web Cellar and view your collection via the internet. Compare your tasting experiences with winemaker's notes and record wine reviews. The Uncorked Cellar wine software provides cellar management to easily capture, maintain and display your inventory complete with all related information. At a glance, select wines to drink now or benefit from additional aging.

"Just to let you know that your software is outstanding. I've already entered the information on about half of my 1,000 bottle wine cellar inventory. Your program has saved me dozens of hours of typing and has provided so much more information than I could ever provide myself. This is great also because my home wine cellar, now under construction, should be completed in about a month. I will tell all my colleagues about the Uncorked Wine Cellar. You have made it even more exciting to purchase, collect and drink fine wines. " ... Louis J. Ignarro (1998 Nobel Laureate in Medicine - USA)
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Wine Database Features

  • Wine guide contains notes, values and recommended cellaring guide - and lists over a million wines
  • Consensus Wine Ratings for subscribers to Global Wine Stocks
  • Save your cellar inventory locally on your PC, or on our web server to view your wine collection anywhere on the internet
  • Scan the wine UPC barcode on the bottle to view information about a particular wine from the data base
  • Know when each wine in your wine cellar will be best to drink
  • Estimate the value of your wine cellar based on any of:
    • Your purchase price.
    • Your valuation.
    • Estimated retail valuation.
    • Market value from Global Wine Stocks.
  • Preview the winery website as you click on each wine
  • Links to many wine websites for additional wine information
  • Locate each bottle in a virtual rack for complete database accuracy
  • Track every bottle in your wine inventory using Wine Bottle Tags
  • Add or uncork a bottle of wine with a Barcode Reader*
  • Comprehensive easy-to-use interface
  • Use the 10 User-definable fields to cover almost any scenario
  • View winemaker tasting notes or add your own tasting notes via the two custom wine notes fields
  • Manage multiple cellars - or just the one
  • Graph the contents of your wine cellar
  • Graph value, vintage, peak, wine variety, maturity & timeline
  • Show current stock or history
  • Contains a comprehensive and easy to use help
  • Includes Contents, Wine Terms & How Do I...
  • New Updates available each year

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Advantages of The Uncorked Cellar

Our customers tell us The Uncorked Cellar is the best wine database program available - here are some improved features of The Uncorked Cellar compared with other available wine database programs

  • Find tasting notes from the reference database containing over a million wines by typing a few letters of the winery name.
    • Tasting notes.
    • Peak ageing recommendations for each vintage.
    • Value estimates.
    • Preview the winery website, or click on the winery website tab
    • Display a map showing the winery location
  • Scan the UPC code with a barcode reader and the details are instantly displayed.
    • The wine database includes over 120,000 UPC barcodes
  • Optionally save your cellar on our web server and access your datbase online via the internet
  • Keep your inventory secure - your inventory is never shared with anyone
  • Even if you save your cellar on our web server, a current copy and backups are saved locally on your PC so you can always access it
  • Manage multiple cellars - or even let someone to manage your inventory for you
  • Map every bottle in your cellar using the Virtual Rack
  • View multiple racks and show where every bottle in your collection is stored
    • Drag and drop your bottles from one rack location to another
    • Customize each rack for shape and size
  • Track your inventory using Bottle Tags
    • Automatically add a unique inventory number to every bottle
    • Uncork any bottle by scanning the barcode with a barcode reader
  • If you are using another cellar database program, send us a copy of your inventory in Excel or CSV format to support@uncork.biz and we will return it with appropriate headings ready to import into The Uncorked Cellar. This is a great way to see how The Uncorked Cellar works with your inventory!


  • " I compared Uncork with several other wine database programs and found that they do not have the versatility of Uncork - their methods for switching wines from one part of the cellar to another either don't exist or are very cumbersome. I've recommended Uncork to all my friends because I spend a fraction of the time they do in finding the bottles I want, in moving bottles around my storage units, and in knowing how much I have of each variety and vintage. This is all part of the pleasure I take in having a wine collection. Keep up the good work - I am a very happy subscriber!." - David Price (California, USA)
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