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American Wineries

Information in The Uncorked Cellar is provided by the respective winemaker or winery. The Uncorked Cellar provides a wine cellaring guide plus wine tasting notes, wine ratings and more

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Wineries Listed in The Uncorked Cellar
L Donovan Wines
Lecole Nº 41
L. A. Lepiane
L. Pocai and Sons
L.W. Richards Winery
La Abra Farm and Winery
La Capilla Vineyards
La Capillia Vineyards
La Cereza
La Chanterelle
La Chiripada Winery
La Clarine Farm
La Crema Winery
La Ferronniere
La Folia
La Honda Winery
La Jota Vineyard Co.
La Nebbia Winery
La Noue Dubois
La Pelle Wines
La Petite Tour
La Pitchoune Winery
La Randonnee
La Rata
La Reina Vineyard/Highland Vineyard
La Rochelle Winery
La Rusticana Vineyards
La Sirena
La Vie Vineyards
La Vieille Montagne
La Vina
Labarge Winery
L'Abeille Honey Winery
Lacey Magruder
Lachini Vineyards
Ladd Cellars
Ladera Vineyards
Lady Hill
Lady Of The Sunshine
Laetitia Vineyard and Winery
Lafayette and White Cellars
Lafond Winery and Vineyards
Lagier Meredith Vineyard
Lagier Ranches
Laguna Canyon Winery
Lail Vineyards
Laine Estate Wines
Laird Family Estate
Lake Anna Winery
Lake Chelan Winery
Lakehouse Inn Winery
Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards
Lakeshore Winery
Lakeville Cellars
Lakewood Vineyards
Laleure Vineyards
Lambert Bridge Winery
Lamborn Family Vineyards
Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars
Lampyridae Vineyard
Lancaster County Winery
Lancaster Estate
Land Of Nod
Land Of Riches, - Paydirt
Land Of Saints
Lander Jenkins
Landmark Vineyards
Landry Vineyards
Lang and Reed Wine Co.
Lange Estate Winery
Langetwins Winery and Vineyards
Langhart and Hill
Langtry Estate and Vineyards (Home Of Guenoc Wines)
Lanthier Winery
Lapis Luna
Larkin Wines
Larkmead Vineyards
Larry's Vineyard and Farm Winery
Larson Family Winery
Larue Wines
Las Cerezas Wine Co.
Las Jaras
Las Montanas
Las Nutrias Vineyard and Winery
Las Positas Vineyards
Lasata Wines
Lassen Hills Cellars
Lasseter Family Winery
Latah Creek Wine Cellars
Laterus Winery
Latourette Bagnall Vineyards
Laujor Estate Winery
Laura Michael Wines
Laurel Glen Vineyard
Laurel Hood
Laurel Mountain Vineyard
Laurel Ridge Winery
Lauren Ashton Cellars
Laurita Winery
Lava Cap Winery
Lava Rock
Lavender Crest
Lavender Ridge Vineyard
Laverne Vineyards
Law Estate Wines
Lawer Estates
Lawrelin Wine Cellars
Lawrence Dunham Vineyards
Lawton Ridge Winery
Lazarre Wines
Lazy Breeze
Lazy Creek Vineyards
Lazy Days Winery
Lazy River Vineyard
Le Cadeau
Le Cuvier Winery
Le Domaine
Le Garage
Le Montpelier Winery
Le Montueux Vineyard and Winery
Le Sura Winery
Le Vigne Winery
Le Vin Winery and Vineyards
Leah Jorgensen
Leccino Wine Cellars
Ledger David Cellars
Ledgestone Vineyards
Ledson Winery and Vineyards
Left Bend
Left Coast Estate
Legacy Oaks Vineyard
Leidenfrost Vineyards
Lemelson Vineyards
Lemon Creek Winery
Lenne Estate
Lenz Winery
Leo Steen
Leonard Oakes Estate Winery
Leonetti Cellar
Lerner Project
Leroux Creek Vineyards
Les Bourgeois Vineyards - The Blufftop At Rocheport
Les Caves Roties de Pente
Lescombes Family Vineyards
Lester Family Cellars
Levendi Winery
Leverage Wines
Leveroni Vineyards
Leviathan Winery
Levy and McClellan
Lewelling Vineyards
Lewis Cellars
Lewis Grace Winery
L'Excentris Wines
Lexington Valley Vineyard
Liberated Wine Co.
Liberty Creek
Libra Wines
Lido Bay Winery
Lieb Cellars
Lieff Wines
Lieu Dit
Life Force Winery
Life's Stange Twists Wine Co
Lightning Ridge Cellars
Lightning Wines
Lightwell Survey
Lily and Oliver
Limerick Lane Cellars
Limestone Creek Winery
Liminal Winery
Limur Winery
Lin Chen Inc
Lincourt Vineyards
Linden Vineyards
Lindley Vineyards
Lindstrom Wines
Line 39
Line Shack Winery
Lineage Vineyards
Linganore Winecellars
Lingua Franca
Linguist Estates
Linked Vineyards
Linne Calodo Cellars
Linquist Family
Lion Hill Winery
Lionheart Wines
Lions Peak Vineyards
Liquid Farm
Liquid Sky
Little Amana Winery
Little Hungary Farm Winery
Little Jonathan Winery
Little Oaks Winery
Little River Vineyards
Little Uvas Vineyards
Little Vineyards Family Winery
Littorai Wines
Live Oaks Winery
Lively Run Creek Farm
Livingston Cellars
Livingstone Vineyards
Llano Estacado
Llords and Elwood Winery
Lloyd Cellars
Lo Mac Winery
L'Objet Wines
Lobo Hills
Lobo Wines
Locatelli Vineyards and Winery
Locati Cellars
Locke Vineyards
Lodi Vines To Wine
Lodmell Cellars
Loew Vineyards
Lokoya Winery
Lola Wines
Loma Prieta Winery
Lombardi Wines
Lone Buffalo Vineyards
Lone Dove Vineyards
Lone Madrone
Lone Point
Long Cellars
Long Hollow Winery
Long Meadow Ranch Winery
Long Point Winery
Long Shadows Vintners
Long Strange Trip Beverage Company
Long Street Winery
Long Trout Winery
Long Valley Ranch
Longball Cellars
Longboard Vineyards
Longevity Wines
Longfellow Wines
Longford Estate
Longitude 120 West
Longplay Wine
Longshadow Ranch
Longsword Vineyard
Longtable Wines
Lookingglass Winery
Lookout Ridge
Loop de Loop
Lopez Island Vineyards and Winery
Lorenzi and Shipman
Lorenzi Estate Vineyards and Winery
Lorimar Winery
Loring Wine Company
Los Californios Winery
Los Hermanos Vineyards
Los Luceros
Los Milics Winery
Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards
Los Rocosos Vineyards
Los Tres Reinos
Lost Acres Vineyard
Lost Blues
Lost Draw Cellars
Lost Hills Winery
Lost Hog
Lost Maples Winery
Lost Oak Winery
Lost River Winery
Lotierzo Family Vineyards
Loubud Wines
Loughlin Vineyards
Louis Corthay Winery
Louis M. Martini
Louis P. Balducci Vineyards
Love Noir
Lovers Leap Vineyards and Winery
Lovingston Winery
Loxton Cellars
Lucas and Lewellen Vineyards
Lucas Vineyards
Lucca Winery
Lucchesi Vineyards and Winery
Luce Wines
Lucia Vineyards
Lucky Rock Wine Co
Luddite Vineyards
Luedke's Winery
Lujon Wine Cellars
Lula Cellars
Luli Wines
Lumiere de Vie
Luminous Hills
Lumos Wine Co.
Lusso Della Terra
Luttgens Family Vineyards
Lynfred Winery
Lynmar Estate
Lynn Creek Winery


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