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American Wineries

Information in The Uncorked Cellar is provided by the respective winemaker or winery. The Uncorked Cellar provides a wine cellaring guide plus wine tasting notes, wine ratings and more

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Wineries Listed in The Uncorked Cellar
C G Di Arie Winery
C&t Cellars
C. Elizabeth
C. R. Graybehl
C.L. Butaud
C.R. Sandidge Wines
Ca' del Grevino
Ca' Momi
Cabaud Wines
Cabin Creek Vineyards
Cabo Winery
Cabot Vineyards
Cacciatore Fine Wines
Cache Creek Vineyards and Winery
Cade Estate Winery
Cadenasso Winery
Cadence Winery
Cades Cove Cellars
Caduceus Cellars / Merkin Vineyards
Caernarvon Cellars
Cagnasso Winery
Cain Vineyard and Winery
Cairdeas Winery
Cakebread Cellars
Cal Fresco Wine
Calafia Cellars
Calais Winery
Calcareous Vineyards
Calculated Risk
Caldwell Vineyard
Calera Wine Company
Caliban Cellars
Calino del Robles
Calipaso Cellar
Calistoga High Rocks Wine
Calix Cellars
Caliza Winery
Calla Lily Estate and Winery
Callaghan Vineyards
Callaway Vineyard and Winery
Calle Cielo Cellars
Calluna Vineyards
Calstar Cellars
Camas Close Winery
Camas Prairie Winery
Cambiaso Winery
Cambria Winery and Vineyard
Camden Place Cellars
Cameron Hughes
Cameron Winery
Camino Real Wines
Camins 2 Dreams
Camp Wines
Cana Cellars Winery
Cana Vineyards
Canard Vineyard
Cana's Feast Winery
Cancilla Cellars
Candlewood Cellars
Canepa Koch Wine Cellars
Canihan Family Cellars
Cannon River Winery
Cannonball Wines
Canoe Ridge Vineyard
Canon 13
Cantara Cellars
Cantiga Wineworks
Cantina Bostonia
Capay Valley Vineyards
Cape Cod Winery
Cape May Winery and Vineyard
Capiaux Cellars
Capitello Wines
Capo Creek Winery
Caporale Winery
Caprio Cellars
Captain Vineyards
Captain's Walk Winery
Carabella Vineyard
Caraccioli Cellars
Cardano Estate
Cardiff Cellars
Cardinal Point Vineyard and Winery
Cardinal Rule
Cardinale Estate
Cardwell Hill Cellars
Careaga Canyon Ranch and Vineyard
Carey Cellars
Carica Wines
Carl Roy
Carlisle Wine Cellars
Carlo and Julian Winery
Carlo Rossi
Carlos Creek Winery
Carlson Vineyards
Carlton Cellars
Carlton Hill
Carmel Ridge
Carmel Road
Carne Humana
Carneros Della Notte
Carneros Hills
Carol Shelton Wines
Carolina Vineyards
Carpenter Hill Vineyards
Carpy Conolly Ranch
Carr Vineyards and Winery
Carrari Vineyards
Carriage House Cellars
Carruth Cellars
Carte Blanche
Carter Cellars
Carter Estate
Cartlidge and Browne
Carucci Wines
Carvalho Family Winery
Cary Talbot
Casa Barranca
Casa Cassara Vineyard
Casa de Fruta
Casa de Sue Winery and Vineyards
Casa Dumetz
Casa Larga Vineyards
Casa Piena
Casa Rondena
Casagrande Vineyards
Casanel Vineyards and Winery
Cascade Cliffs Vineyard and Winery
Cascadia Vineyards and Winery
Cascande-Pitto Wines
Casino Mine Ranch
Caspar Estate
Caspar Landing
Cass Winery
Cassayre-Forni Cellars
Cassiday Blare
Cassidy Hill Vineyard
Cast Wines
Castalia Wines
Castel Grisch Winery
Castelli Vineyard
Castello Di Borghese Vineyard and Winery
Castillo de Feliciana
Castle Rock Winery
Castle Spirits (Shloime's Slivovitz)
Castoro Cellars
Caswell Vineyards
Catharine Valley Winery
Cathedral Ridge Winery
Catoctin Breeze
Cattleya Wines
Catus Star
Cave B Estate Winery
Cave Ridge Vineyard
Cave Vineyard
Cavern Springs Winery
CAVU Cellars
Cavus Vineyards
Caw Wines
Cayler Cellars
Caymus Vineyards
Cayucos Cellars
Cayuse Vineyards
Ceago Vinegarden
Cedar Mountain Winery
Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery
Cedar River Cellars
Cedar Valley Winery
Cedar View Winery
Cedarvale Winery
Cedarville Vineyard
Cedergreen Cellars
Ceja Vineyards
Celani Family Vineyards
Celestial Hill Vineyard
Cellar 433
Cellardoor Winery
Cellars 33
Center Of Effort
Century Farm Winery
Century Home Wines
Century Oak Winery
Cerise Vineyards
Cerro Prieto
Cesar Toxqui Cellars
Chacewater Wine
Chaddsford Winery
Chain Gang Vineyards
Chaine D'Or Vineyards
Chalk Hill Winery
Chalkstone Vineyard
Chalone Vineyard
Chambers and Reed
Chamisal Vineyards
Champ de Reves
Champagne Creek Cellars
Chance Creek
Chandler Hill Vineyards
Chandler Reach Vineyard
Chanin Wine Company
Chankaska Creek Ranch, Winery, and Distillery
Channing Daughters Winery
Chantaugue Vineyards
Chanter Winery
Chanticleer Vineyards
Chapin Vineyards
Chappellet Vineyard
Chapter 24
Char Vale
Chariot Wines
Charis Winery and Distillery
Charles and Charles
Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards
Charles Hooper Family Winery
Charles Krug - Peter Mondavi Family Winery
Charles R Vineyards
Charlie and Echo
Charrette Creek Winery
Charron Vineyards and Winery
Charter Oak Winery
Chase Cellars
Chateau Aeronautique Winery
Chateau Andrea
Chateau Aux Arc Vineyards and Winery
Chateau Boswell Winery
Chateau Chantal Winery and Inn
Chateau Chevre Winery
Chateau de Leu Winery
Chateau Diana Winery
Chateau Dragoo
Chateau Faire le Pont
Chateau Fontaine
Chateau Gallant
Chateau la Grande Roche
Chateau Lafayette Reneau
Chateau Lagrande Roche
Chateau Lorane
Chateau Lovecchio
Chateau Margarite Vineyards
Chateau Margene
Chateau Meichtry
Chateau Montelena
Chateau Morrisette
Chateau Niagara Winery
Chateau Nonchalant
Chateau O'Brien At Northpoint
Chateau Plagnac
Chateau Potelle
Chateau Radford
Chateau Redwood
Chateau Sasenage
Chateau St. Jean Winery
Chateau Ste. Michelle
Chateau Texas
Chateau Tumbleweed
Chateaux Vineyards
Chateu Manzanita
Chatham Vineyards
Chatham Winery
Chauffe-Eau Cellars
Chaumette Winery
Chautauqua Vineyards and Winery
Chavez Family Cellars
Checkerboard Vineyards
Chehalem Winery
Chelan Ridge Winery
Chelsea Vineyard
Chenoweth Wines
Chermont Winery
Cherry Hill Winery
Cherry Pie
Cherry Ridge Winery
Cherrywood Cellars
Chesebro Wines
Chester Gap Cellars
Chestnut Hill Winery
Chestnut Oak Vineyard
Chiappone's Cellars
Chiarello Family Vineyards
Chiavario Winery
Childress Vineyards
Chimney Rock Pennsylvania
Chimney Rock Winery
Chinnock Cellars
Chinook Wines
Chispa Cellars
Chocolate Shop Wine
Cholame Vineyard
Chrisman Mill Vineyards
Christensen Ridge Winery
Christian Herschler District Winery
Christian W Klay Winery
Christophe Cellars
Christopher Bridge Cellars
Christopher Creek Winery
Christopher Tynan
Chrome Ridge Vineyard
Chronic Cellars
Chrysalis Vineyards
Chula Vina Vineyard
Cielo Estate Winery
Cielo Sulla Terra Estate Vineyards and Winery
Cienega Valley Winery
Cinquain Cellars
Cinque Stelle Winery
Circle S Vineyards
City Limits
Ciuca and Lawrence Vineyards
Ck Mondavi
Claar Cellars
Claiborne and Churchill Winery
Claire's Grand River Winery
Clarbec Wines
Clark - Claudon Vineyards
Clark Road
Clarksburg Wine Company
Clarkson Estate
Clawson Creek Vineyard
Clay Creek
Clayhouse Vineyard
Claypool Cellars
Clayton Vineyard
Clementine Carter
Clif Family Winery
Cliff Creek Cellars Newberg Tasting Room
Cliffside Cellars
Cline Cellars
Clinton Vineyards
Cloak and Dagger Wines
Clock Cellars
Clockspring Vineyards
Cloninger Cellars
Clos de la Tech
Clos de Napa
Clos Du Bois Wines
Clos Du Val
Clos Fontaine Du Mont
Clos Lachance Wines
Clos Pegase
Clos Robert
Clos Saron
Clos Solene
Clos Valmi
Cloudbanks Cellars
Cloudcrest Winery
Clouds Rest
Cloudstone Vineyards
Clover Hill Vineyards and Winery
Clovis Point
Clubhouse Cellars
Coach House Cellars
Coal Creek Vineyard and Winery, Home Of Summerside Winery
Coarsegold Wine Cellar
Coastal Ridge
Coastline Cellars
Cobb Mountain Winery
Cobb Wines
Cochon Wines
Cocolalla Winery
Codera Wine Group
Coelho Winery
Coeur de Terre Vineyard
Coffee Pot Cellars
Coho Wines
Col Solare
Colagrossi Wines
Colby Vineyards
Colcanyon Estate Wines
Colcord Winery
Cold Springs Winery
Cole Cellars
Coleman Nicole
Coleman Vineyard
Colene Clemens
College Cellars Of Walla Walla
Coloma Springs
Colonial Vineyards
Colorado Cellars
Colter's Creek
Columbia Crest Winery
Columbia Winery
Columbine Cellars
Colvin Vineyards
Comartin Cellars
Comforts Of Whidbey
Compris Vineyard
Compton Family Wines
Comstock Ranch
Comtesse Thérèse
Concannon Vineyard
Concept Album
Conestoga Vineyards
Confluence Vineyards and Winery
Confre Cellars
Consilience Wines
Continental Vintners
Convergence Vineyards
Convergence Zone Cellars
Conway Family Wines
Cool Ridge Vineyard
Coomber Family Ranch
Cooper Garrod Estate Vineyards
Cooper Mountain Vineyards
Cooper Point
Cooper Ridge Vineyards
Cooper Station
Cooper Vineyards
Copain Wines
Copenhagen Cellars
Copia Vineyards and Winery
Copper Cane
Cor Cellars
Corbett Canyon Vineyards
Corbin Farms Winery
Corcoran Vineyards
Cordant Winery
Cordier Estates
Cordon Of Santa Barbara
Cordova Cellars Winery and Vineyard
Corinthian Wines
Corison Winery
Corliss Estate
Cornell Vineyards
Corner 103
Coronado Vineyards
Corrales Winery
Correlation Wine Co.
Corvallis Wine Company
Cosa Obra
Cosentino Winery
Cosenza Cellars
Costa de Oro
Costa del Sol
Costello Vineyards
Cote Bonneville
Coterie Cellars
Cotes de Ciel
Cottontail Creek Vineyard
Cottonwood Canyon Winery
Cottonwood Cellars
Cottonwood Creek Cellars
Coturri Winery
Cougar Crest Winery
Cougar Ridge
Cougar Vineyard
Couloir Wines
County Line Vineyards
Coup de Foudre
Couples and Company
Coursey Graves
Courtney and Woods
Courtney Benham
Coventry Vale Winery
Covert Estate
Covington Cellars
Covington Vineyard and Orchard
Cowhorn Vineyard
Cowtown Winery
Coyote Canyon Winery
Coyote Creek Vineyard
Coyote Sonoma
Cramer Ranch Winery
Cramoisi Vineyard
Crane Creek Vineyards
Crane Family Vineyards
Cranston Vineyards
Crazy Woman
Cream Ridge Winery
Creekside Cellars
Crescent Mountain Vineyards
Crescere Wines
Cresta Velia
Crew Wine Company
Criss Cross
Croad Vineyards
Crocker and Starr
Croma Vera Wines
Cronwell's Lakeview Vineyard
Crooked Lake Winery
Crooked Path Cellars
Crosby Cellars
Crosby Roamann
Cross Hatch Winery
Cross Timbers Winery
Crosshatch Winery
Crosskeys Vineyards
Crossroads Vineyards
Croteaux Vineyrds
Crow Canyon
Crow Vineyard and Winery
Crowley Wines
Crown Peak Winery
Crown Point
Crown Valley Winery
Crown Winery
Cruse Wine Co
Crystal Basin Cellars
Cuatro Dias
Cubanisimo Vineyards
Cucamonga Vintners
Cuda Ridge Wines
Cuisine Cellars Of Sonoma
Cultavin Cellars
Cultura Wine
Cuneo Cellars
Cutruzzola Vineyards
Cuvaison Winery
Cyder Valley Farm
Cygnet Cellars
Cypress Ridge Winery


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