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Portugal Wine

The Uncorked Cellar includes information on many wineries in Portugal. Winery name, address, principal wine region or appellation and web link are included. Download your FREE evaluation copy of this wine software here.

Links to Portuguese wineries on the web are also listed in The Uncorked Cellar, together with the wine region or appellation where they source the majority of their grapes and produce their wine. Where a winery produces wine from more than one Portugal wine region, the major wine region is shown. If we missed your favourite Port wine, please ask the winery to send their information to information@uncork.biz or use this form

Other Port Wine Information can also be found here

Portuguese Wine Regions

With Portugal joining European Union in 1986 the wine regions were re-defined and were created under the status of Controlled Denomination of Origin (DOC).

Portugal wine regions are

  • Alentejo
    • Estremoz
    • Montemor
  • Alenquer
  • Arruda
  • Bairrada
  • Beira
  • Biscoitos
  • Bucelas
  • Carcavelos
  • Colares
  • Dão
  • Douro
  • Encostas do Aire
  • Graciosa
  • Lafões
  • Lagoa
  • Lagos
  • Lourinhã
  • Madeira
  • Óbidos
  • Palmela
  • Pico
  • Portimão
  • Porto
  • Ribatejo
  • Setúbal
    • Priorato
    • Terras do Sado
  • Tavira
  • Tavora-Varosa
  • Torres Vedras
  • Tras-os-Montes
  • Vinho Verde (or Minho)
Note: Under European Union guidelines, only the product from Portugal may be labelled as Port. In the United States, Federal law mandates that the Portuguese-made product be labeled Porto or Vinho do Porto

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