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How to Start a Wine Cellar

Find a cool, secure, spot and create a store of wines. When ever possible draw a wine from this store.

Next accumulate wines to add to your collection. If possible buy in bulk and stock up when prices are low

Accumulate a wide range of wines. Enjoy the infinite values, varieties and vintages that are available.

Store your wine well. Choose a dark, quiet, cool and even-temperatured place.

Maintain an accurate inventory. Tag and record all wines entering your cellar and accurately record all wines leaving your collection.

Open wines at their optimum. Most wines should be drunk at a young age. Make sure you know which wines to keep and which to open.

Enjoy every wine you open. Great tastes come from properly stored and selected wine found with ease and shared with a friend.

To get maximum value from your stored wine, a cellar inventory management system is essential.

* Adapted with permission from James Wilson

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